Terahertz Technology

What is Terahertz Wave ?

Terahertz Technology – In the 1980s, American scientists discovered an infrared light that matches the vibration frequency of human cells — Terahertz wave. And it can resonate with human cells to activate the body cells, called by scientists –  “Wave of Life”. 

Terahertz radiations have a few remarkable properties. Many common materials and living tissues are semitransparent and have ‘terahertz fingerprints’, permitting them to be imaged, identified and analyzed. Due to non-ionizing properties of terahertz radiations are safe for screening application. These unique properties of radiations are now exploited due to availability of commercial sources of terahertz radiations.

Terahertz Technology
  • In 2004, the US government rated Terahertz Wave ( THZ Technology ) as one of the ”Ten Technologies that will change the world of the future.
  • In 2005, Japan listed THZ Technology as the first of the “Ten Key Strategic Objectives of the National Pillars”, and the nation is engaged in research and development.
  • In 2005, China listed THZ Technology as one of the ‘Ten Key Strategic Goals of National’
  • In 2014, China held the ” Xiangshan Science and Technology conference ” to formulate a plan for accelerating research on the application of THZ Technology in biomedicine.

Terahertz waves are becoming ever more important in science and technology. This technology have being in research in medical imaging, security, communication, manufacturing and other scientific use and imaging.

Thz Technology

Terahertz Technology – Application in Home Appliances

wave of life

Terahertz Water Device – Terahertz water is obtained by a non-contact molecular activating terahertz water device, which can activate all edible liquids. Through the unique physical method of “no addition, no contact”, the terahertz water device resonates normal water and convert it into small molecule cluster terahertz water.

The patented technology 0.96THZ activates ordinary water from cluster state and transformed into a straight-chain structure cell drinking water needed by human cells, which can be directly absorbed by cells. 

Terahertz Water Device Patents

1. One utility model patent :

An easy-to-hold lid ,  Patent number : 201920472310.1

2. Two patents for new inventions :

Water activation method for hydrogen bonding re-arrangement of water molecules based on Terahertz frequency , Patent number : 2019010290192476

Water activation device for hydrogen bonding re-arrangement of water molecules based on Terahertz frequency , Patent number: 2019010291882217

3. Two exterior design patents :

Live water device , Patent number : 201930174709.7

​Water activation device for hydrogen bonding re-arrangement of water molecules based on Terahertz frequency , Patent  number : 201910225957.1

Terahertz Water Device – Terahertz Technology

Terahertz Water Device Certification

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Is Terahertz radiation electromagnetic ?

Terahertz radiation is typically understood to be electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range from roughly 0.1 THz to 10 THz, corresponding to wavelengths from 3 mm down to 30 μm. Also, at least the higher-frequency part of the terahertz region may also be called the far infrared.

Is Terahertz harmful ?

Unlike x-rays, terahertz waves are non-ionizing , they do not have enough energy to remove an electron from an atom so they do not have the same harmful effects on human tissue and DNA.

Terahertz radiation can penetrate fabrics and plastics, so it can be used in surveillance, such as security screening, to uncover concealed weapons on a person, remotely. This is of particular interest because many materials of interest have unique spectral “fingerprints” in the terahertz range.

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