Terahertz Water Testimonials

Terahertz Water Testimonials

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Benefits of Terahertz Water

Regular drinking of the Terahertz Water helps to enhance human cell activity, reduce blood viscosity, expel waste and toxins, repair every cell, and make it more healthy and vigorous. THz water possess a single water molecule that makes it easier to pass through cell membrane water channels. (With kinetic energy, fast movement speed, high penetration force, strong dissolving power.)

After entering the body, its constant resonance with the cells, & transporting more nutrients, minerals and oxygen that are beneficial to the body. Entering every corner of the cell, so that our cells are filled with clean, vibrant and nutritious liquid molecules, which can greatly promote the growth and development of cells, and make the cells more active. This is why Thz water can aid in beauty and moisturize our skin.

At the same time, the nutrients that cannot be completely absorbed by the cells and the fats, cholesterol and other substances stored in the body will be dissolved and excreted, improving the body’s detoxification and detoxification capabilities.

There are multiple applications of Terahertz Water. Other than for drinking , it can also be used for spraying and cleaning.

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