Terahertz Water Device


Terahertz Water Device 3rd Generation
Terahertz Water Device 3rd Generation
Terahertz Water Device 3rd Generation

Terahertz Water Device – Information

Section 1 – Types of Drinking Water in the Market

  • The World has changed
  • Technologies has changed
  • Its no longer just drinking clean water
  • Environmental factors like pollution , chemicals , food has affected people’s health
  • With Technological advancement , lots of people are putting more emphasis on drinking Good Water
  • It is no longer just water filtration or drinking clean water
  • It is drinking Good Water with certain water parameters that can help our body

Section 2 – What is Good Water ?

Certain important water parameters define Good and Healthy Drinking Water

  • Alkalinity
  • Antioxidant Level
  • Water Molecule Cluster Size
alkaline water

Its no longer just water filters or water purifiers , many people are still living in this era

Clean water is safe to drink but not necessarily healthy

With technological advancement , water treatment devices that can meet these water parameters are easily available

  • multiple columns filtration
  • electrolysis
  • terahertz technology

Today our focus is on Small Water Molecule Cluster. Although Alkaline water and High Antioxidant water are just as important , we may be able to get it from alternate sources like food and beverages. Small Water Molecule Cluster sources is harder to come by at this point of time

Section 3 – Why Water Molecules Cluster Size matters ?

Miracles Water Sites

Bama Longevity Village China
Other Miracle Water Sites World

There were many discoveries of so-called miracle water sites around the world. Many of which were known to have good healing effects on our body

It was later discovered that one of the common characteristics among these sites was actually Small Water Molecule Cluster. It is no miracle , when we have the technology to measure water parameters

Small Molecules Cluster Water – how small ?

There are many claims in the market – but when asked specifically not many consumers can give definite answer

Section 4 – Measurement of Water Molecule Cluster Size

Water Molecule Cluster Size Measurement and Comparison Chart

  • Water molecule cluster size is measured using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – NMR
  • This is an Industrial Measurement Standard
  • Unit of measure is in Hz
  • There are many water molecules size reduction devices available in the market
  • Reduction down to about 5 water molecule cluster size are among the best so far

Section 5 – Understanding Water Molecule Structure

A few key points regarding Water Molecules before we discuss about Terahertz Water Device.

  • A water molecule consists of two Hydrogen atoms bonded to an Oxygen atom , H₂O
  • In nature , water molecules does not exist as a single stand alone water molecule
  • It is in clusters of about 20 water molecules , bonded together by Hydrogen Bonds
  • In some so-called water miracle sites around the world as mentioned before , smaller water molecules as low as below ten clusters are seen
  • This brings about longevity and even healing effect for people who consume this smaller molecule cluster water
  • As we can see , the smaller the water molecule cluster the easier is for the body cells to absorb

Covalent Bond

covalent bond

Hydrogen Bond

hydrogen bond water molecule cluster

Water exists in Cluster of Molecules

water molecules cluster

Average Water Molecule Cluster Size of ordinary untreated water is about 20 molecules

molecules cluster size

Section 6 – How Water Molecules Enter our Body Cells ?

human cell membrane
  • Our body is made up of trillions of cells
  • These cells are surrounded by membranes and they are Semi Permeable
  • The cells absorbed water molecule cluster by penetration through the cell membranes
  • The smaller the water molecule clusters the better the absorption
  • As our body cells aged , the less effective the absorption
  • See Demo

Section 7 – Water Channels in our Body Cells

The Discovery of Water Channels in our Body Cells

discovery of human cells water channel
  • Nobel Prize Winner – Discovery of Water Channel in our body cells
  • Size of Water Channel is about 2.8 angstroms or 0.28 nanometer across its narrowest
  • As we know , ordinary water exists in cluster of about 20 water molecules
  • One molecule size is about 0.27 nanometer , hence the water molecule cluster size is far beyond the water channel size
  • Therefore water molecules entrance into our body cells is still largely by penetration

Section 8 – Terahertz Water Device : Technological Breakthrough **

With the recent invention of Terahertz Water Device , we have a Perfect Match.

The Device is capable of treating normal water into Straight Chain Molecule Cluster

Yes – Small Molecule Cluster Size

This enables water molecules to Directly Enter Cells Water Channels

  • Our human cell water channel is about 2.8 angstroms or 0.28 nanometer across its narrowest.
  • One water molecule is also about 0.27 nanometer across.
76 HZ

Section 9 – Introducing The Terahertz Water Device

0.96 Thz Terahertz Water Device

The patented technology 0.96 THZ terahertz water device activates ordinary water from cluster state and transformed into the straight-chain structure cell drinking water needed by human cells, which can be directly absorbed by body cells. 

0.96 Thz : Terahertz Water Device – Breaking the Hydrogen Bond

hydrogen bond water molecule cluster

Single Chain Water Molecule Structure – Water that your Body Cells Love ..

Small Molecules Water Structure

Single Chain Water Molecule StructureAllows Direct Entry of Water Molecules into body cells

Single Chain Water Molecule Structure

Terahertz Water is Single Chain Water Molecule Structure – Direct Entry via Water Channel

Water Molecules Penetration into Body Cells

More information about Terahertz Technology

More information about Terahertz Functional Water Device

Section 10 – Benefits of Terahertz Water

Terahertz Water Device – 7.6 Hz NMR Measurement , Single Chain Water Molecule Cluster

Cells Repair and Rejuvenation

Our Body Cells deserve Efficient Water Exchange for optimum health and general wellbeing

And that is only possible with Direct Entry of Single Chain Water Molecules via Body Cells Water Channels

Below diagram is human body cells membrane – mostly water inside and surrounded by mostly water.

cell membrane water
human cell

Water exchange enables our cells to detox , bring in nutrients and oxygen as well as to self repair and rejuvenate.

Given our environment today – It is all about drinking Good Water , not just Clean Water.

  • Better absorption
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Enhance the vitality of the human body
  • Lower viscosity
  • Detoxification
  • Repair body cells
  • Rejuvenate body cells
  • Remove free radical

Benefits of Terahertz Water : Why Do We Need Good Water ?

Section 11 – Functional Features of Terahertz Water

Benefits of Terahertz Water
  • Linear structure molecule water
  • Low viscosity

More Information about Functional Features of Terahertz WaterTerahertz Water Device

Section 12 – Buying and Using Terahertz Water Device

Order your Terahertz Water Device Online here …

Terahertz Water Device

Terahertz Water Device

Multiple Uses of Terahertz Water :

For Drinking

For Cooking



Cleaning and Washing

Planting and Gardening

For your Pets too

Handy and Convenient

Taste Great because of the finer texture

Operating Terahertz Water Device

Frequently Asked Questions – Terahertz Water Device

FAQ Terahertz Water Device

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