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Terahertz Water Information

All the below are list of Terahertz Water Information and Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I drink Terahertz healthy water every day? 

Yes, as long as your body can absorb it. In fact, it is recommended to drink it every day especially for people who are having serious illnesses. Elderly people are advised to consume lesser amount while people with pacemaker or taking strong heart medication are advised not to drink it at all.  

Does Terahertz healthy water contain any minerals? 

It depends on the source of water. If you use mineral water; the water will be mineral filled. Terahertz water device is neither a water purifier nor a filtration system.

Does Terahertz healthy water change the PH acid-base value of water?

Generally, water source determines the PH value of the water. However, if the water is treated by Terahertz water device, the acidity of the water will be reduced and it will become alkaline/balance PH value of water.

Can Terahertz healthy water be frozen or boiled? 


Can Terahertz healthy water be used to wash fruits and vegetables? 

Accordingly to the results of the study, raw vegetables that were being soaked in Terahertz healthy water for 5 minutes, it shown that a number of harmful bacteria were significantly reduced.

Can Terahertz healthy water be used for bathing?

Yes. In fact, the enhanced hydrogen bond balances the PH acid-base value of the water. It helps to speed up wound recovery or improve damaged skin.

Can we use iron water containers to contain Terahertz healthy water?

It is best not to store Terahertz healthy water in iron or stainless steel water containers for a long period of time. It is highly recommended to use glass, ceramic or food-grade plastic containers to store the Terahertz healthy water.

What kind of containers that is not advisable to use when treating Terahertz water?

Metal containers cannot be used to treat the water. The molecular sequencing will be disturbed, unable to arrange neatly. The frequency can also be interfered. 

What is the difference between Terahertz water device and a water purifier?

Both are two different types of water system. The water purifier helps to filter impurities from the water to produce good quality drinking water while the Terahertz water device uses a “non-contact” technique to treat the drinking water to produce molecular, low-frequency, resonance-activation water.

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