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Order Terahertz Water Device from Authorized Dealers only – One Year International Warranty. ( Exclude Mishandling , Wear and Tear )

Terahertz Water Device 2nd Generation

  • Terahertz Water Device Activator

  • Terahertz Water Device Holding Pouch

  • Water Jug

  • Fit on Tap Filter

  • USB Power Socket

  • USB Cable

  • Instruction Booklet

Operating Procedure

  • Add  Filtered Tap Water to Jug
  • You may add any water from any Water Filtration System you may have
  • Do not exceed the recommended water level of jug
  • Connect USB Cable to Terahertz Water Device
  • You may use normal phone power bank or electrical socket provided
  • Press Start Button to start the activation
  • Light should blink during scanning
  • Device will stop automatically after three minutes
  • Water is activated and ready for use

Terahertz Water Device Demo

Safety Precautions

  • Do not use device to scan hot water , as the hot steam will damage the device electronics
  • You may scan the normal water first , before boiling or using it for cooking soup etc.
  • Do not let any part of the device come into contact with water
  • Do not drop the device into the water jug
  • In case the device accidentally dropped into the water , do not power on the device for at least  three days
  • Use air blower for internal drying , if needed
  • Do not drop the device.
  • One year International Warranty , exclude mishandling , wear and tear

Multiple Uses of Terahertz Water

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