What is Terahertz Water Device ?

0.96 Terahertz Water Device – Key Features

Thz Water Device – Bringing you Smallest Water Molecules that your Body Cells need

single chain water molecule cluster

Thz Water Device – No Addition No Contact

Single Chain Water Molecules
  • It is not a water filter system
  • It is not a water purifier
  • It is a Non Contact molecular activating water device , which can activate all edible liquids
  • The device resonates normal water and converts it into Terahertz Water , a Single Chain ( Straight Chain ) Water Molecule Structure Water

Thz Water Device – Using Terahertz Technology

wave of life

Terahertz (THz) is a unit of measure of frequency that equal to 1 Trillion hertz. It usually refers to the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. And it is in-between the microwave and the infrared (IR) range (yellow portion).

In the 1980s, American scientists discovered an infrared light that matches the vibration frequency of human cells — Terahertz waves. And it can resonate with human cells to activate the body cells, called by scientists —“ Wave of Life”.

Thz Water Device – Single Chain Water Molecule Cluster

76 HZ

Small Water Molecule Cluster – Straight Chain Structure

Small Molecules Water Structure

Thz Water Device : Hertz Function Low-Frequency Water

THz Water Device Resonates normal water to 7.6 Hz Low Frequency Small Molecule Cluster Water

THz Terahertz Healthy Water device can produce “Hertz function low-frequency water”. Its working principle is to replicate the frequency of the same frequency as the natural magnetic field of the earth. The state of the water molecule is converted from a polymerized cluster structure to a linear arrangement of water molecules, and can be directly absorbed by cells, to achieve the effect of reducing water viscosity and enhancing water energy. Drinking regularly helps to enhance the activity of human cells. This low-frequency 7.6 Hz water just matches the Alpha Brain Waves of 9 -15 Hz

Brain Wave Frequency

The water produced by the Terahertz Healthy Water device has higher stable energy, which can neutralize free radicals, increase oxygen content, and reduce the vitality of water. And it can convert the frequency, structure, viscosity, and energy of ordinary water into low-frequency healthy water that is more conducive to direct absorption by cells, allowing it to drink directly into cells, bring more oxygen and nutrients to cells, and expel more garbage and toxins. , Repair each cell to make it healthy and energetic.

Functional Features and Characteristics

Benefits of Terahertz Water
  • Linear structure molecule water
  • Low viscosity

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Benefits of Drinking Terahertz Water

Regular drinking of the Terahertz Water helps to :

  • Better absorption
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Enhance the vitality of the human body
  • Lower viscosity
  • Detoxification
  • Repair body cells
  • Rejuvenate body cells
  • Remove free radical

Thz water possess a single water molecule structure that makes it easier to pass through cell membrane water channels.

Water Molecules Penetration into Body Cells

After entering the body, its constant resonance with the cells, & transporting more nutrients, minerals and oxygen that are beneficial to the body. Entering every corner of the cell, so that our cells are filled with clean, vibrant and nutritious liquid molecules, which can greatly promote the growth and development of cells, and make the cells more active. That is the reason why Terahertz Water can help in the General Wellbeing of our body.

At the same time, the nutrients that cannot be completely absorbed by the cells and the fats, cholesterol and other substances stored in the body will be dissolved and excreted, improving the body’s detoxification and detoxification capabilities.

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Safety and Certification

terahertz water certification

Items inside Package

items inside package
  • This device comes with a simple fit on tap filter
  • You may also use water directly from your existing home filter system
  • Just add water to the container provided and use the device to scan
  • It takes 3 minutes to scan and small water molecules water is ready for consumption
  • The Device breaks the water molecules into Single Chain Water Molecule Cluster using Terahertz Technology
  • See Operating Instructions provided

Operating Procedure

Where can I Get it ?

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Terahertz Water Device


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096 Thz Terahertz Water Device

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